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Updated: 02/23/2011
Awards for Mama Gums' Books
Awards for Mama Gums' Books

About Mama Gums' Books

Pregnancy and Oral Health:
The critical connection between your mouth and your baby

Pregnancy and Oral Health is an invaluable aid to all women, who deserve to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. It is an easy, three step program, which takes just ten minutes a day toward a healthy mouth and a healthy baby. It will teach you how to get in control of your mouth and stay in control long after your baby is born. It will reduce your risks for numerous life-threatening illnesses and enable you to keep your natural teeth for a lifetime.
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Your Mouth Could Be Killing You!
How to Keep Your Teeth and Save Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day

This book presents a simple, inexpensive, antibacterial program of self-care that will defend you against the dangerous consequences of oral infections, succeeding where the outdated methods of traditional dentistry fail. Find out: how an eight-point test can help you determine whether you have gum disease; why brushing and flossing are not enough; how 3 common household products can save your life; how easy to use tips, techniques, and tactics can eliminate the bacteria that threaten your life; how to help your body do what it does naturally – heal itself.
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Oral Health Made Simple
A simple 20 page book with just the "How to's" of Mama Gums' antibacterial program.


This simple book can put you on the road to recovery from the potentially life-threatening effects of an oral infection.

Mama gums will teach you how to take control of your mouth today with her ten-minute-a-day anti-bacterial program using everyday ingredients you probably already have at home. Come check out the vital message inside this book.
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