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Updated: 02/24/2011

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Your Mouth Could Be Killing You!
How to Keep Your Teeth and Save Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day

Your Mouth Could be Killing You (Front Cover Larger View)

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54 pages

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FRESH VOICES 2006 Book Awards (HEALTH)

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The Surgeon General calls Gum Disease a “Silent Epidemic.” Four out of five Americans have gum disease, and it is the leading cause of tooth loss and bad breath. More important, because gum disease is a bacterial infection – often chronic in nature – it can lead to more severe health problems including heart attack, stroke, diabetic complications, respiratory problems, premature childbirth, and many other life-threatening health conditions.

With more than 33 years experience as a dental hygienist at the forefront of non-invasive gum care, Sheila Wolf has a critical message: Simply that gum infections are both preventable and treatable!

This book presents a simple, inexpensive, antibacterial program of self-care that will defend you against the dangerous consequences of oral infections, succeeding where the outdated methods of traditional dentistry fail. In this book you will learn:

The eight-point test that can help you determine whether you have gum disease.

Why brushing and flossing are not enough.

How 3 common household products can save your life.

How easy-to-use tips, techniques, and tactics can eliminate the bacteria that threaten your life.

How to help your body do what it does naturally – heal itself, enabling you to keep your natural teeth for a lifetime.


Chapter 1: Why You Must Read this Book

Chapter 2: Gum Infections

Chapter 3: Bad Breath

Chapter 4: Brushing Up

Chapter 5: Mama Gums’ Magic Mix

Chapter 6: Flossing

Chapter 7: Irrigators and Solutions

Chapter 8: Picks and Probes (and In-Betweens)

Chapter 9: Tobacco, Alcohol, Sugar, and More

Afterword: Here’s to You and Your Oral Health

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