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Updated: 02/24/2011

Mama Gums

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Oral Health Made Simple

A simple 20 page book with just the "How to's" of Mama Gums' antibacterial program.

More than four out of five people in the United States are harboring a gum infection. That means YOU could be amongst the more than eighty percent of the population who, at this very moment, have a potentially life-threatening ailment. You might not even notice the warning signs! That’s why the Surgeon General calls gum disease a “silent epidemic.”

Dental hygienist and award-winning author Sheila Wolf, Mama Gums, has been helping people save their teeth - without surgery - for over 35 years. This simple book can put you on the road to recovery from the potentially life-threatening effects of an oral infection.

She will teach you how to take control of your mouth today with her ten-minute-a-day anti-bacterial program using everyday ingredients you probably already have at home. Come check out the vital message inside this book.

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