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Updated: 02/25/2011

Mama Gums

The Easy Way To Irrigate!
For those of you who love convenience (and multi-tasking), with no fuss and bother, you can do a superb job irrigating your teeth and gums in your shower. With this simple, sensible, and inexpensive tool you can spritz your mouth and your body at the same time. You may not be able to use your favorite irrigating solutions, but the ease and convenience will more than make up for that, especially for those of you who wouldn’t be irrigating otherwise. And boy is this easy! 20 – 30 seconds more in the shower is all you need to literally flush away the germs from mouth to toes. If you want to irrigate a second time at your sink with your special solutions you can do that too for added effectiveness.

Irrigation is an essential part of your daily oral care program. It is a process that enables you to dilute, disperse, and eradicate harmful germs from your teeth and gums by forcing a pulsating jet of warm water between the teeth and gums. Dental irrigation flushes microorganisms from spaces other tools can’t reach.

Mama Gums' Plaque Blaster

An Essential Tool For Oral Health!

It also:

  • Reduces inflammation and bleeding
  • Massages and toughens gum tissue
  • Flushes around orthodontic bands, brackets, wires and braces, crowns, implants, and bridgework
  • Reduces bad breath
  • Firms gums so they hug your teeth more tightly
  • Washes out food particles and toxins

. . . and feels great!


Go beyond what brushing and flossing alone can achieve!

Price $34.95
(Includes Sheila's new 20-page book-
Oral Health Made Simple
, a $7.95 value)