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Updated: 02/23/2011

Request Information about Personal Oral Health Coaching in the San Diego Area

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Coaching includes: 

  • Assessment and treatment plans
  • Your Mouth Could Be Killing You! e-book
  • Product recommendations
  • Training in mechanical and chemical disinfection
  • Instructions for irrigation, brushing, “in-between” cleaning
  • Oral care beginner’s kit
  • Rates are $90 for each one hour increment.

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Sore bleeding gums, swollen, tender or itchy gums
Pus and blood oozing from gums
Gums bleed when brushing teeth, flossing, or using a toothpick - "pink in the sink"
Gums are receding (pulling away from teeth)
Teeth seem loose and appear to be moving
Spaces developing between teeth
Teeth are discolored along the gum line
Changes in fit of partial denture or changes in my bite
Constant bad breath
Pregnant and may have pregnancy gingivitis
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